Our Rent Review Services in the Central and Greater London Area

  • Exhaustive review of all comparable evidence and data
  • Analysis of property lease and the effect on the commercial rental value
  • Net and Gross floor area calculations
  • Effect of property improvements on the rental value
  • Rental valuation for your London based commercial property
  • Representation at Court/Arbitration or before an Independent Expert
  • Protection on your position on costs if appropriate.
  • Compliance with applicable time limits
  • Business rates mitigation
  • Contact with a partner throughout the negotiations
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What do we charge?

Our commitment to the quality of our rent review service means we will not charge a fee unless we achieve a rental saving below the landlord’s initial rental proposal.

Our rent review fees are calculated in one of the three following ways, dependent on the details of your case:

  • A percentage of the rent we save below the rent proposed in the first year
  • An agreed flat fee
  • A percentage of the new rent.

If your case is referred to Court, Arbitration or an Independent Expert, additional charges will be incurred. Further details are available upon request.

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